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THANK YOU so much for your genuine desire to help insure the passage of Kansas Senate Bill 100, which reforms Kansas Driver’s License Suspension Laws and the laws for acquiring a restricted license. 

Here are the email address and telephone numbers of members of the Senate State and Federal Committee.  Yes, we said Transportation Committee, in the video, but the bill has been moved to a new committee.

The bottom members are members of the Senate Leadeship committee. If you want to be generous in your outreach, send them an email as well, but the priority should be members of the committee.  

Bill with Major Reforms to Kansas’ Suspended Driver’s License Laws Gains Committe Approval

They Stopped Suspending Licenses and Fine Collections Went Up

Senate Federal & State Committee Members

Larry      Alley  Republican     


Brenda Dietrich  Republican


Oletha  Faust-Goudeau Democrat   


Richard Hilderbrand Republican


Rick Kloos Republican


Jeff Longbine Republican    


Mike Petersen Republican  


Ronald  Ryckman Republican 


Mary Ware Democrat


Senate Leaders

Ty Masterson Republican                            


Rick Wilborn  Republican                          


Eric Rucker Republican                              


Gene  Suellentrop  Republican                 


Jeff Pittman Republican                                   


Dinah Sykes Democrat                             


Rick  Billinger Republican                                  


Talking Points for Letters

Here are a few benefits to stress in emails and phone calls.  Please do NOT just copy and paste all of these key points to every Senator.   Just select a few of the points that you can relate to the most. 

If instead, you choose to call, note that in most cases, the senators will not take your call, so ask their Office Assistant to tell their Senator that you strongly support SB100 as amended.


SB100 Benefits

1)      Passing SB100 will allow over 200,000 Kansans who have had their license suspended because they did not have enough money to pay a traffic fine to schedule payments and drive legally on a restricted license while they are earning the money needed to pay their original moving violations fines and court costs.  It does not apply to DUI, reckless driving or vehicular homicide citations.


2)      The $25 restricted license application fee is waived.


3)      The 90 day delay to reinstate a person’s license once their original moving violation fines and courts are paid is repealed from State statutes.


4)      SB100 allows each traffic court judge in Kansas to withdraw failure-to-appear warrants once a payment plan has been agreed to.  If a person does not make payments for over 90 days, then their restricted license is no longer valid.


5)      After enactment into law, SB100 allows new defendants to call the Clerk of the municipal or district Court before the date they are to appear to plead guilty and set up a monthly payment plan, do community service and/or take a safe driving course.  Instead of taking time off work, this option will speed up compliance and minimize time for each defendant to appear before a judge.  Online payment procedures are already used in jurisdictions like the Wichita Municipal and Sedgwick County District Traffic Courts.  Similar reduced fines and/or payment plans are allowed in courts all over America.


6)      After they have paid their original moving violation fines and court costs, the Judge is allowed to expunge any “driving-on-suspended” convictions so the Department of Revenue will actually reinstate the defendant’s license.  This will also help them renew their car insurance without having their premiums greatly increase.


7)      To comply with K.S.A. 8-2110 (e), SB100 requires that a “manifest hardship” waiver application be posted on the Department of Revenue website to be downloaded and/or be provided to low income drivers by the Court to request that their fines, court costs and/or reinstatement fees are reduced or waived.   This judicial discretion is already in law and being used in many traffic courts in Kansas plus surrounding states.


8)      The reinstatement fee for a suspended license is reduced from $100 per charge to $100 per case. 


9)      To make up for any lost reinstatement fee revenue to the Courts, it is highly recommended that the State Legislature pay their non-judicial staff by adding $750,000 to the Omnibus State General Fund appropriations bill.  Their salaries should be paid with tax dollars like any other public employees instead of from fines paid by low income drivers.


10)  By allowing people to comply and pay their original moving violation fines and court costs—without thousands of dollars in additional driving-on-suspended fines, Kansas Courts will collect between $24 and $48 million in revenue and clear over 240,000 traffic cases off of their dockets.  This windfall is money which the courts will never see as long as thousands of fines have been added on top of the original violation.


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