Montez Robinson has been nominated as The Community Voices very first Frontline Hero of the Week. He has been nominated for his commitment to feeding the residents of Andover Court Assisted Living Facility, where he has been the Dietary Manager for last 2 ½ years.

To his residents, he is in fact a hero.

What does being a hero mean to you?

– I feel like being a hero means you are making an impact with the purpose that God gave you on this earth.

Explain what you love about your job.

– Well I have a deep passion for cooking, and I know that not having food is detrimental to a person, so for me it’s having the ability to change people’s moods and feelings for better. It gives me great joy.

How do you handle COVID-19?

– Faith over fear. Faith that God is going to protect us and provide to help feed these people. One of the hardest parts was having to box the food up for the residents because they had to change their routines and get their food delivered to their rooms. That dynamic changes the temperature and texture of the food, and the overall taste.

Who do you consider a Frontline Hero?

– My staff are the heroes. Day in and day out they show up to work, with long hours ahead, and get the job done with no complaints. They are my heroes and I’m proud of them.

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