Billy and Demetria Whiting have been together for two years, and married for one-and-a-half years.

Who talked to who first? Billy: I initiated the first conversation, but Demetria hasn’t stopped talking yet.

Who said “I love you” first?

Billy: Demetria said it first, AND she gave the first kiss.

Did you go to the same school? Demetria: No, Billy went to school in Pensacola, FL, and I attended in Wichita.

Where do you go the most as a couple? Demetria: Billy is a pilot, so we have enjoyed taking flights up around Wichita and El Dorado. We enjoy dining at Saltgrass Steakhouse, TJ’s Burger House, and Lone Star Café, and we take long walks, ride our his/her bicycles, and head out on the motorcycle sometimes!

Who is more social? Billy: I am more social. Demetria is only occasionally social. LOL.

Who is the neat-freak?

Billy: 100% Demetria. She can pick up a glass faster than I can put it down!

Who is the most stubborn?

Demetria: I can admit, I’m the stubborn one.

Who wakes up earlier? Demetria: Definitely, Billy. Billy: Demetria doesn’t even try (she worked the night shift for 13 years).

Where was your first date? Both: Our first date was an NBA game in Colorado (Denver Nuggets vs. OKC Thunder).

Who has the craziest exes? Both: Let’s go with 50/50.

What is your secret to making marriage work?

Both: We keep God first in all things! We try to remain respectful, selfless, patient, and honest with each other.

How did you figure out the household chores? Billy: Demetria loves doing household chores, so that was an easy one.

What have you learned to appreciate about your spouse that you did not know when you were first married? Demetria: I quickly learned to appreciate the sacrifices Billy has made during our long-distance relationship/marriage.

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by? Demetria: It was VERY easy to fall in love with Billy!

What do you think is the most challenging part of being married? Both: We began with a long-distance relationship, so it has been challenging to travel every one to two weeks or so, but it has been MORE than adventurous!

What has been the greatest obstacle you have faced over the years?

Both: Relocating and changing employment has been an obstacle for both of us, because we originally lived over 600 miles apart.

What’s one thing that your spouse does that makes you feel glad you married years ago? Both: We are still newly married, but we both wish we could have met many years ago. But God had this time planned just for us!

If you could have been given a key piece of advice before marrying, what would it have been? Demetria: My former manager Paula, told me to “always hold your husband close.”

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