Spirit Of The Million Man March
Spirit Of The Million Man March

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Million Man March, several Topeka organizations came together to create The Spirit of the Million Man March.

On Oct. 17, men — young and old — marched from the Judicial Center downtown across to the State Capitol for a rally. AS they marched, the participants each held a card with the name of a Black person who had been killed by police violence. 

Lisa Davis, organizer of the event, felt the “March” was an opportunity for people to see that there’s a lot of Black men in Topeka that are doing the right thing and wanted Black men to be seen in a  more positive light.  Davis, emphasized that they were not protesting, nor marching, but just  wanting  to recognize  the fathers, brothers, uncles and sons of the community.

Davis said the day was about bringing people together.  She especially wanted the youth to see Black men together being on one accord.

 One of the speakers spoke on the significance of voting. Davis says she encourages everyone to get out and vote on Nov. 3.

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