With the pandemic cutting down on opportunities for community members to rub elbows, Wichita-based social networking expert Azeb Telele started looking for ways to re-connect people to each other and to organizations that have taken a hit.

Telele has organized a socially distanced party bus one-day getaway from Wichita to El Dorado Lake on Sat., Sept. 26, from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m., with drinks, friends, business owners, someone she says is the best chef in the city, and music from Pioneer DJ Don Thompson.

There are a few seats left. The price is $50 each. For people who don’t make the trip, donations are welcome to be made to the Wichita African Union (www.facebook.com/wichitaafricanunion.WAU) and the Dunbar Theatre / Power CDC (PowerCDC.com).

Event sponsors include: Home Health of Kansas (KansasHomeHealth.com); Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC (www.ProvidenceHomeHealthcare.com/home-health-hospice-in-wichita-kansas); and Residence Begonia II at Crestview (www.BegoniaAtCrestview.com).

For tickets or more info on other events, contact Telele at azeb_1@yahoo.com or 316-633-0593, or visit AzebTelelePromoClub.com.

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