In case you missed it last Thursday, Sept. 17, Second Chance Thursdays are continuing.  Second Chance Thursday offers individuals with an outstanding warrant for a traffic citation issued in the city of Wichita and opportunity to quickly clear their warrant without going through the Sedgwick County Jail.  

This opportunity is only for city-issued traffic citation warrants that don’t involve driving under the influence. 

According to WPD, Second Chance Thursday will take place each Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  through Nov. 19.   On the first Second Chance Thursday, 106 traffic warrants were successfully cleared. 

Citizens can check to see if they have active traffic warrants by clicking on the following link:

The process to clear any traffic warrants on that day is as follows:

·         Meet WPD officers at the Patrol West Community Policing Office, 5803 W. Central;

·         Officers will verify and clear the traffic warrant; and

·         Citizens will sign an appearance form and be provided a court date regarding the alleged charges.

It is important to understand that the clearance pertains to City of Wichita traffic citations only.  Don’t show up expecting the program to work on other kinds of warrants.  If you do, you could be arrested.  

If citizens are not able to make it on Thursday, they can email Officer Lori Kimrey at to make arrangements to meet with officers at a later time and date.

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