Wichita voters will have two mega voting sites for early voting in Oct. 2020, Charles Koch Arena on WSU’s campus, and Intrust Bank Arena. The Sedgwick County Election Office has partnered with the two mega-sites in effort to draw in voters and have the space to conduct social distancing for the 2020 General Election.

Charles Koch Arena will be open for early voting from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thurs., Oct. 22.

Plans have been underway between the county and WSU since May. The Shockers Vote! Coalition and Intercollegiate Athletic Association offered Koch Arena as an area resource with the community in mind – especially because its’ longevity in the city.

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“As part of the Wichita community, it is important for us to use our resources to support our fellow Wichitans,” said Reginald McIntyre, director of marketing and fan engagement. “Partnering with the Sedgwick County Elections Office gives our local and campus community a safe space to exercise their right and civic duty to vote.”

Both groups plan to increase civic learning, political engagement and voting rates at Wichita State University.

Wichita voters will be able to cast ballots at the Intrust Bank Arena in downtown Wichita from Oct. 19-31.

Intrust Bank Arena will open as a polling station for a two-week span. The site will have about 50 voting stations available in the south lobby, where voters can choose to use paper ballots or electronic voting machines.

Free parking will be available in the arena lots 1 and 3.

Sedgwick County Election Office and 16 countywide polling locations will also open prior to election day, Nov. 3.  The county will have 83 polling locations open on election day.

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Anna Meyerhoff, the county’s central services manager, says despite the in-person voting options, the county expects a significant increase in voting by mail. The office received more than 68,000 applications so far for the advance mail-in ballot.  The office will send ballots through Oct. 27.

Voters have several options to return mail ballots:  mail via the U.S. Postal Service, drop off at the Sedgwick County Election Office in Wichita,  drop off at one of 14 ballot drop boxes installed throughout the county or drop off at a polling site.

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