The Community Voice rarely covers sports, so I probably shouldn’t be dipping my toe into this discussion, but I just don’t get the rush to bring back football.

Okay, I’m a tennis player, and we have no problem with social distancing, and I managed to keep playing most of the spring, and I’m glad I could. I would have missed my sport immensely. So, I can understand how football fans must feel. But, I still just don’t get it.

The same folks who don’t want to send their kids to school because they’re concerned they’ll catch COVID-19, are the same folks I’ve watched drive their kids to little league football practice three times a week for the past month or so.

Moms and dads, surely you want your child to receive that free college education, but at the expense of death?

Pro players, it’s a catch-22. You guys are worth so much money, why would someone want to chance losing you. However, on the other hand, you guys are worth so much money, if you don’t play, there’s probably no way the owners can afford to keep you.

Just like we all wear masks because we realize it’s not just about us, it’s about others we come in contact with. It’s about protecting our family members, the folks we love and care about. We don’t want to bring the disease home to them or others and from the amount of COVID-19 I keep reading about going through football teams, KU and K-State for example, they’re not leaving COVID on the field.

With all the money involved with professional football and even college football, the games will probably go on. However, by all means, all means … K-12, school supported or recreational ball should be called off this year. This should be mandatory for school systems that have plans to open with online classes only. Absolutely, you can’t justify any other decision. Somebody must say no!

The executive order is overdue. Of course, we don’t expect any support from Gov. Mike Parson, but Gov. Laura Kelly, where’s the executive order? I know your power has been limited, but where are you on this one?

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Bonita Gooch

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