Jeremiah and Ina Washington were married on Oct. 13, 2019, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. They knew they were right for each other because Jeremiah says he saw Ina as a strong woman, great mother and friend. Ina loved the way Jeremiah interacted with her daughter Trinity, was a hard worker and showed Ina honor and respect.

The Proposal

It was my birthday and we normally celebrate with my immediate family. I was getting dressed and Jeremiah mentioned he had my birthday card. I told him I would just open it at dinner. He asked me to go ahead and open it, he then proposed. We both shared the great news at dinner with family, who were totally unexpected.

The Wedding

The Maid/Matron of Honor was the bride’s sister, Keria Paschal, the Best Man was the groom’s brother Robert Washington.

The wedding day actually went smoothly. They all flew to Las Vegas two days early. They had the normal anxiety since it was the first marriage for them both.

The worst thing was when the bride realized her wedding veil was broken. Shantae Washington, her sister-in-law, researched Vegas stores and found a replacement. Waiting on the veil slowed her preparation down, so she arrived at the wedding too late to take pictures with the rest of the wedding party.

The couple, who describe their wedding as euphoric, did their first dance to “Why I Love You” by Major.

Ever After

Who is most likely to deal with a spider? Jeremiah would be that person. I can not deal with anything that has more legs than me.

What is the first thing your spouse would buy if they won the lottery? Bride: Jeremiah would buy the largest bottle of Grey Goose. Groom: Ina would pay off her student loans.

What do you like best about your spouse? Bride: Jeremiah works hard and I can trust his judgment. He stays calm when I can be all over the place. Groom: Ina is open, passionate about life, family and friends.

What is your spouse’s most-repeated sentence or phrase that you find irritating? Groom: Ina will say “See babe” and I know there is more to come.

What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of? Bride: Jeremiah loves his Amazon account, I will leave that right there.

What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does it because you love it? Bride: Jeremiah loves to go fishing. I do not like the heat and outdoors like that, but I will go. Groom: Shopping with Ina goes to a whole ’nother level and it takes all day.