Jewell and Shemeka Parker were married on Oct. 26, 2019.

The Proposal

Jewell gathered close friends and family at our house while I was away at the store, when I retuned everyone was there, while our favorite song was playing, he got down on one knee and asked the big question, “Will you marry me?”

The Wedding

The officiant was Yolanda Brooks, the Maid of Honor was Jessica McNeal and Antonio Smith was the Best Man. The couple says that nothing unusual happened at the wedding. It was surprisingly the smoothest day for the happy couple, with all the love and support they had around them, everyone involved made sure everything went as planned.

“One of the worst things that could’ve happened was me not being able to get my dress zipped up.” To no one’s knowledge at our wedding, we were expecting our first child together and I was four months pregnant at the time. After the first dance to Freddie Jackson’s “You Are My Lady,” they announced they were expecting and did a gender reveal. The whole crowd went wild!!!

Ever After

What is your worst habit? Bride: Coming in the house and kicking my shoes off anywhere Groom: Opening my wife’s Amazon packages!!

First thing to buy if you won lottery? Bride: Range Rover Groom: Another lottery ticket!

Item of clothing of yours that your spouse hates the most? Bride: My favorite robe! Groom: My swim trunks I wear as pajamas.

Most repeated phrase you use that your spouse finds most irritating? Bride: Hunnyyyyy Groom: Yabadabadooooo

One word to describe your spouse first thing in the morning? Bride: Annoying Groom: Grumpy

One thing your spouse does for you that they hate but you love? Bride: Rub my feet Groom: Sing