Jalen and Ashley Owens eloped to Atlanta, GA, and were married on March 8, 2020.

The Proposal

Jalen proposed to me in the privacy of our own home. Our whole relationship has been based on naturalness. He wanted to propose in a very intimate way, and he did.

The Wedding

It rained the entire time the couple was in Georgia, but the rain cleared in just enough time for them to have their waterfall wedding.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Bride: He was astonishing

Groom: She was impeccable

Who is most likely to deal with a spider? Jalen – and he puts them outside and doesn’t hurt them.

What is your worst habit? Bride: Over working, and asking tons of questions Groom: Overthinking, and being a perfectionist

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? Bride: Dream home Groom: Land

Which item of clothing of theirs do you hate the most? Bride: His old basketball shorts that are super baggy Groom: Nothing, she’s always stunning

What do you like best about your spouse? Bride: His patience, intellect, and he’s so sexy! Groom: Compassion and love for me

What is your spouse’s most-repeated sentence or phrase that irritates you? Bride: Gah-Damn Groom: Spiggidy

What word best describes your spouse first thing in the morning? Bride: He’s peaceful Groom: She’s graceful