Devan and Audrey Cravens were married June 15, 2019. The Maid of Honor was Normandy Hurd and the Best Man was Mico Hawkins. The officiant was Toni Runnels.

The Proposal

Devan proposed at our gender reveal in 2017. We had a gender trivia game and whoever lost the game had to have water dumped on them revealing the gender of the baby. I lost so, I got pink water dumped on me. Afterward everyone started chanting “speech,” and Devan began to talk behind me and when I turned around he was on one knee.

What was it about your spouse that made you realize that they were “the one”? Groom: Audrey’s big heart and how she always would go out of her way to help any and everyone. Especially her family. Bride: Devan was everything that I wanted in a friend, companion and father. I’m more of a serious organized person and he’s more silly and “go with the flow.” For me, he’s able to break me out of my shell.

The Wedding

Nothing unusual happened on our wedding day, it was the day before that was a mess. LOL. Devan’s car got towed while he was getting his hair twisted, and we had to drive over an hour away and pay $250 to get his car back. Everything about our wedding day was perfect. We started on time, everyone enjoyed themselves and the best thing that happened was jumping the broom. We had an African spiritual wedding. The couple’s first dance was “You” by Jesse Powell.

Who is most likely to deal with a spider? Devan, he will take them outside. He hates when I kill bugs.

What is your worst habit? Bride: Biting my nails Groom: Throwing everything away when I clean up.

What is the first thing you would buy if they won the lottery? Bride: Buy a house with a laundry service, I hate laundry.

Groom: Invest

Which item of clothing of theirs do you hate the most?

Bride: I hate his New Balance shoes. They are a dirty-brown color.

Groom: Her bonnet .

What is your spouse’s most-repeated sentence or phrase that irritates you? Bride: He says IDK after everything. Even when he does know. Groom: She says “Oh My God” but it’s never that serious. She just likes to say it.

What word best describes your spouse first thing in the morning? Bride: Cranky Groom: Happy

If today were the last day before the end of the world, how would you spend it? Bride: With my family, dancing and playing.

Groom: With family and singing

If your spouse could be any famous person, living or dead, who would they choose to be?

Bride: Devan would choose to be Chris Brown or Usher Groom: Audrey would choose to be Whitney Houston

What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of? Bride: His brown New Balances LOL Groom: Her phone

What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does because you love it? Bride: Folding laundry Groom: Sending business emails