Pedro and Jennie Calvo were married on Sept. 7, 2019, at New Hope Community Church. Pastor Otto was the officiant. Abigail Salguera was the Maid of Honor and the Best Man was Wilson Agosto.

The Proposal

He proposed Christmas Eve, in front of all my family. It was a beautiful moment.

The Wedding

The worst thing that happened was they were late to the ceremony which made them late to the reception! The best part was they got to marry each other and had a blast!

The happy and nervous couple’s first dance was to “1,000 Years” by Christinia Perri.

Ever After

What was it about your spouse that made you realize they were “the one”? Bride: I knew he was the one by the way he treated me, I fell in love with him so fast that I knew right away I would spend the rest of my life with him!

What is your worst habit? Bride: I tend to nag a lot Groom: I’m a bit unorganized

What do you like best about your spouse? Bride: How he’s so caring and loving Groom: Everything

What is the first thing she would buy if they won the lottery? Bride: A big house

Which item of clothing of theirs do you hate the most? Bride: His basketball shorts Groom: Her cleavage shirts

What word best describes your spouse first thing in the morning? Bride: He’s ready Groom: She’s usually lazy

If today were the last day before the end of the world, how would you spend it?

Bride: Next to my loved ones Groom: Next to my wife

If your spouse could be any famous person, either living or dead, who would they choose to be? Groom: Will Smith

What is one item you like that your spouse would love to get rid of? Bride: Old pajamas Groom: Guns.

What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does because you love it? There’s nothing we hate doing for each other … yet!