Speak Out Kansas has launched its “Mail the Vote” campaign and encourages Sedgwick County voters to utilize new mail-in options.

Speak Out Kansas announced efforts to encourage voting by mail in the 2020 primary and general elections. In mid-June, registered voters throughout Sedgwick County received mail-in ballot applications at their home address. The application must be returned to the Sedgwick County Election Office by July 20 in order to receive a primary ballot in the mail.

“It’s a challenging year so far, but taking this simple step ensures that your vote will be counted despite any disruptions. Return your mail-in ballot application today,” said Chester Selmon, Speak Out Kansas founder & director. “The ballot application you received in the mail is part of expanded opportunities to vote in 2020. Everyone needs to take advantage of it. The mailer actually includes applications for the primary and the general. Return them now and you can be certain to receive both your ballots a few weeks before each election. ”

Selmon is not new to voter registration activism. In 2012, he and fellow Speak Out Kansas members registered more than 2,000 voters from an outdoor canopy near 13th Street and Grove. Along with friends and family, Selmon’s efforts this year are adjusting with changing times. Planning to shift the grassroots work toward phone calls, social media posts and other online tactics this year, Speak Out Kansas believes mail-in ballots are here to stay. Early reporting shows dramatic increases in applications received so far this year.

“Sedgwick County just did something they’ve never done before by mailing an application to each registered voter, they took the first step in ensuring opportunities for participation. Now it’s up to us to submit the application, receive our ballot in the mail and get it turned in before election day.” continued Selmon. “It’s a new process but not a difficult one. With all the unknowns we face in the future, this is an easy way to secure your vote and make sure your voice is heard this year.”

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