• How often do you eat out? Check “Our Eats,” the www.CommunityVoiceKS.com’s list of Black-owned restaurant around the state of Kansas and Kansas City, to really put your money where your mouth is.

• Made in KC recently crafted a guide to KC Black-Owned Businesses, featuring restaurants, museums, arts, music, fitness, services, boutiques, spas, salons and more. Visit mikcexplore.com/home/2020/6/1/black-businesses-kc

• For Wichita, some Facebook groups have popped up with list of Black-owned businesses, such as the group Wichita Black Owned Businesses (Facebook.com/WichitaBOB).

• Crowd-sourced lists of Black-owned businesses have surfaced on apps such as EatOkra and websites like We Buy Black and Official Black Wall Street.

• Hold big corporations accountable when they say they’ll support Black businesses.

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