Moved by recent protests surrounding police brutality and institutional racism, Gov. Laura Kelly has announced today the creation of a Kansas Commission on Racial Equity and Justice.  The purpose of the committee is to develop and recommend policy actions her administration can take to create meaningful and lasting change. 

The Commission will include a diverse team of “stakeholders,” including members of law enforcement and advocacy groups. 

“COVID-19 has brought innumerable challenges to Kansas and our country, but it has also provided an opportunity to awaken many to inequities that exist at every level our society. We must seize this moment to engage Kansans, to root out the causes, and to make definitive change,” wrote Kelly in a guest column submitted to The Community Voice. 

Read Gov. Kelly’s oped here. 

Kelly said she’s committed to ensuring that the death of George Floyd and the momentum stirred through weeks of protests doesn’t “fade into the next news cycle.” 

“Communities of color do not have the luxury of time for leaders to ignore these issues any longer. Systemic racism within law enforcement must end,” wrote Kelly.

During her administration, Kelly has appointed at least two committees to look at potential reforms in the criminal justice system.  However, this commission will dig deeper into policy changes she can implement administratively that can help address the issues of racial inequality. 

No information was released on who will serve on the commission. 

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