The Kansas City Council voted today to drop charges against most of the more than 150 protestors arrested during protest in Kansas City between Fri., May 29 and Tues., June 2.  Some with more serious charges, like possession of firearms and theft, will still be prosecuted, most of those with lesser offenses will have their charges dropped. 

The Council voted 9 to 2, with only council members Heather Hall and Teresa Loar voting against the charge.  The resolution approved by the Council can only apply to individuals charged with violations of City ordinances, which are typically very minor, but can include much more critical charges such as vandalism, stealing, defacing property with paint, inflicting bodily injury and unlawful discharging a firearm, all of which were not included in the list of charges that were dropped. 

“We have drastic issues with police,” Councilman Brandon Ellington said, “but this is a small step forward.”

A complete list of the charges NOT dropped can be found below. 

Sec. 50-47. – Violation of an order of protection.

Sec. 50-71. – Indecent exposure.

Sec. 50-75. – Public display of sexually oriented material.

Sec. 50-106. – Stealing.

Sec. 50-111. – Withholding property unlawfully.

Sec. 50-111.5. – Receiving stolen property.

Sec. 50-117. – Alteration or removal of item numbers with intent to deprive lawful owner

Sec. 50-121. – Tampering with or damaging property of another

Sec. 50-124. – Institutional vandalism.

Sec. 50-125. – Defacing property with aerosol paint and like materials.

Sec. 50-127. – Vandalism of vacant buildings and structures.

Sec. 50-168. – Bodily injury—Attempting.

Sec. 50-169. – Same—Inflicting.

Sec. 50-171. – Aggravated trespass.

Sec. 50-193. – Leaving explosive device or other lethal device, or imitation thereof, in city; false report.

Sec. 50-232. – Sexual abuse of a child

Sec. 50-242. – Abuse of a child.

Weapons charges

Sec. 50-261. – Unlawful use of weapons—Generally.

Sec. 50-262. – Same—Penalty when firearm involved in violation.

Sec. 50-263. – Discharging firearms generally.

Sec. 50-264. – Rifle and trapshooting ranges.

Sec. 50-265. – Discharge of firearms by manufacturers of articles for national defense.

Sec. 50-266. – Use and sale of arrows.

Sec. 50-267. – Use or possession of explosive or flammable devices.

Sec. 50-268. – Archery hunting.

Sec. 50-269. – Concealed weapons in city buildings.

Sec. 50-270. – Failure to leave locations where carrying concealed weapons is not permitted.

Sec. 50-271. – Lawful trapping.

Sec. 50-272. – Unlawful transfer of weapons; parental or guardian consent for delivery of a firearm to minors.

Sec. 50-273. – Unlawful possession of a handgun by a minor.

Sec. 50-274. – Failure to report a stolen or lost deadly weapon or explosive.

Sec. 50-275. – Unlawful carrying of concealed firearms in the city by persons who are subject to a restraining order or convicted of domestic violence.

Sec. 70-172. – Giving false information to public authority.

Sec. 70-173. – Permitting vehicle to be operated in unlawful manner.


Sec. 70-211. – Duties of driver involved in accident resulting in death or personal injury.

Sec. 70-212. – Duties of driver involved in accident resulting in damage to vehicle or other property.

Sec. 70-213. – Duties of driver upon damaging unattended vehicle or other property.

Sec. 70-521. – Stopping, standing or parking on roadway outside business or residence district; disabled vehicles.



Sec. 70-521. – Stopping, standing or parking on roadway outside business or residence district; disabled vehicles.

Sec. 70-522. – Authority to remove vehicles.

Sec. 70-523. – Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places.

Sec. 70-524. – Manner of parking generally.

Sec. 70-525. – Designation of streets for angle parking.

Sec. 70-526. – Obedience to angle parking signs or markings.

Sec. 70-527. – Parking for certain purposes prohibited.

Sec. 70-528. – Parking not to obstruct traffic.

Sec. 70-529. – Parking in alleys.

Sec. 70-530. – Placement of signs prohibiting stopping, standing or parking.

Sec. 70-531. – Placement of signs limiting parking time.

Sec. 70-532. – Obedience to signs limiting parking time.

Sec. 70-533. – Parking buses, trucks or trailers in residence district.

Sec. 70-534. – Designation of parking spaces for physically disabled persons.

Sec. 70-535. – Use of parking spaces for physically disabled persons.

Sec. 70-536. – Parking privileges of physically disabled persons on streets where parking time limited.

Sec. 70-537. – Permit parking in certain residential areas.

Sec. 70-538. – Marked fire lane parking.

Sec. 70-539. – Motorized bike parking.

Sec. 70-540. – Reserved.

Sec. 70-541. – Authorized emergency vehicle parking.

Sec. 70-542. – Authorized city vehicle parking.

Secs. 70-543—70-560. – Reserved.


Sec. 70-561. – Designation of loading zones.

Sec. 70-562. – Permits for loading zones. modified

Sec. 70-563. – Permits for loading or unloading at angle to the curb.

Sec. 70-564. – Standing in passenger loading zone.

Sec. 70-565. – Standing in loading zone for unloading or loading of property.

Sec. 70-566. – Designation of public carrier stops and stands.

Sec. 70-567. – Stopping, standing and parking of buses, streetcars, taxicabs and horse-drawn carriages.

Sec. 70-568. – Use of bus stands, streetcar stations, taxicab stands and horse-drawn carriage stands.

Sec. 70-569. – Authority of director to establish valet parking zones; authority to regulate and permit use of valet parking zones.

Sec. 70-570. – Authority of director to establish on-street electric vehicle charging spaces.

Secs. 70-571—70-590. – Reserved.


Sec. 70-591. – Parking meter zones.

Sec. 70-592. – Installation of parking meters.

Sec. 70-593. – Parking meter spaces.

Sec. 70-594. – Deposit of coins and time limits.

Sec. 70-595. – Deposit of slugs in parking meters.

Sec. 70-596. – Use of proceeds from parking meters.

Sec. 70-597. – Establishment of off-street parking facilities by city—Generally.

Sec. 70-598. – Same—Review by public works department; report to city manager.

Sec. 70-599. – Same—Report to property owners; filing of petition.

Sec. 70-600. – Same—Review of petition.

Sec. 70-601. – Same—Public hearing; action by council.

Sec. 70-602. – Use of off-street parking facilities for physically disabled persons.

Sec. 70-603. – Free parking in on-street metered parking spaces for certain veterans.

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