Wichita Public Schools will offer programs online during the summer to support students, whether by open enrollment or by invitation aimed at specific students. For more info visit www.usd259.org/summer.

ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL students can continue online learning opportunities through programs like Lexia, iReady and Dreambox. These programs are personalized for each student and adapt to the student’s skill and understanding as they move through the content. For more info visit www.usd259.org/onlineguide.

Elementary and middle school students identified as needing additional support will receive the Summer Suitcase that includes hands-on educational activities.

HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER SCHOOL, which allows high school students to make up credit or take original credit for financial literacy and government, will be offered online. The summer P.E. program will not be offered. High school learning centers will offer online support for students who need to complete credit through July. Students are encouraged to contact their principal for information.

SUMMER LATCHKEY: Conversations are ongoing regarding availability of summer latchkey. Announcements will be made via ParentLink, social media and on the website at www.usd259.org/latchkey as soon as a decision is reached.

SUMMER FOOD PROGRAM: Free breakfasts and lunches will be offered to children ages 1-18 years at nine locations across Wichita as part of the Summer Food Program. The program operates in this format during June. Because operations are determined by federal nutrition program regulations, info on meal service beyond June 30 will be confirmed once we are provided with details from the US Dept. of Agriculture. For more info visit www.usd259.org/menu.

STATUS OF FALL CLASSES: WPS is planning to start school as set by the BOE, with the first day being Aug. 13. However, there are many questions to be answered by Gov. Laura Kelly and our local health officials in regards to any modifications that may need to be made to the start of school. It would be our intent to have an update on Fall 2020 at the end of June.

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