•  The numbers are in, and Black people aren’t faring well with COVID, particularly in the Midwest 

COVID-19’s impact in the United States is immense, but the virus’ impact has been disproportionately experienced in African Americans, particularly in Kansas and Missouri. While the data isn’t complete since initially most states did not track COVID-19 death by race, the disproportionate impact of the disease on the African-American community is evident,

Both data compiled by UC Berkeley’s Othering & Belonging Institute and the American Public Media Research lab confirm the grave impact of COVID-19 on African Americans in Kansas. Their data was compiled from the 39 states and the District of Columbia, who collected COVID-19 deaths by race.

According to APM, for each 100,000 Americans (of their respective group), 42.8 Blacks have died, compared with about 18.4 Asians, 19.1 Latinos and 16.6 Whites.

In Missouri, African Americans are 11% of the population but represent 41% of the deaths, for 30-point disproportionate impact. In comparison to Whites in the state, African Americans were six times more likely to die of COVID,

In Kansas, African Americans are just under 6% of the population but represent 32% of the deaths, for a 26-point disproportionate impact. In comparison to Whites in the state, African Americans were seven times more likely to die of COVID.

The only community with a greater impact is the District of Columbia where African Americans are 44% of the population but represent 77% of the deaths for a 33-point disproportionate impact.

Other states with at least a 20-point disproportionate impact include those you’ve probably heard a lot about in the news: South Carolina, Michigan, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana and Illinois. The stats show African Americans in the Midwest especially impacted by the virus. In a total of 17 states, the disproportionate impact of COVID on African Americans was double-digit or greater.

Collectively, Black Americans represent 13% of the population in all areas of America releasing such data, but have suffered 27% of deaths.

About 20,000 African Americans have died of the virus, says APM Research Lab.

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