Wyandotte Unified Government’s Public Health Department (UGPHD) serving Wyandotte County is offering COVID-19 testing at 619 Ann Avenue, Kansas City, KS.

Eligible Wyandotte County residents are able to schedule a time to drive or walk through for testing. Testing priority will be given to individuals currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Common symptoms include a fever of more than 100° F, shortness of breath, and a dry, unproductive cough.

The testing clinic will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 2-5 PM. No unscheduled “walk-ups” or “drive-ups” will be accepted for testing. Location and hours are subject to change. Testing is offered for Wyandotte County residents only at this time.

Residents who think they may have COVID-19 should report their symptoms from home to see if they are eligible for testing. One way Wyandotte residents can report symptoms is through the UG’s online “Self-Report Your Symptoms” tool at wycokck.org/COVID-19.

Dr. Erin Corriveau, Deputy Medical Officer for the UGPHD, acknowledged the importance of increased testing for Wyandotte.

“Ramping up testing capacity in Wyandotte means getting a better picture of what we are really dealing with,” Dr. Corriveau noted. “We felt it was a key part of our purpose as a local health department to help make this happen. More testing for our community will help us see where and how COVID-19 is spreading. This is crucial information to help us more effectively stop the spread of this disease in our community.”

 “We encourage people to use the confidential self-reporting tool if they are experiencing symptoms like fever, new onset cough, or shortness of breath,” said Dr. Corriveau. “Once someone reports symptoms online, our Health Department staff will reach out to them to provide guidance on what to do if they’re feeling ill, and with details regarding how to get tested. Self-reporting symptoms online also gives our disease investigators more data to track the spread of COVID-19 in our county.”

The reporting tool is available in English and Spanish at wycokck.org/COVID-19. Residents who do not have access to the internet can call 3-1-1 to report their symptoms. People with COVID-19 symptoms can also call their primary care provider to report their symptoms and be referred for testing.

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