This week, Johnson County will begin randomized sampling for COVID-19 as a way to determine the prevalence of the virus in the county.  Under the program, messages will be sent to a randomized sample pool within the community with a short survey and an invitation to get tested. County officials say they will make sure the process includes broad demographic and geographic sampling.

Only one person from a family or household will be tested. JCDHE wants to test people experiencing symptoms as well as people who are asymptomatic in order to get a complete picture of the effect of COVID-19 on the community.

Symptoms Survey and Testing Details Announced for Johnson County

Locations are currently being determined and will be communicated as soon as possible. Logistics continue to be planned. Turnaround time for results is approximately five days.

Due to limited testing up until this point, which has been focused on those individuals who are hospitalized and at high risk, the level of community transmission is unknown. County officials say they will use the information to guide mitigation strategies and ensure that the best use of healthcare resources and critical care infrastructure are made in the days ahead. 

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) officials say they need the data to better estimate case counts, understand the impacts of COVID-19 on subpopulations including children and their role in transmission, the role of pre- and asymptomatic transmission, and the case fatality rate.

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