Impacted by recent changes in our world, parents are creatively looking to adapt to new routines to support their children while seeking to establish responsibility, peace, and joy in the household. The balancing act can be rewarding and challenging.

Here’s a few tips.

• Create a calm tone in your home. Anxiety may be high for adults, but it is important to provide reassurance and calm to your children.

• Offer healthy snacks and meals.

• Use the time at home to engage in activities with your family – such as board games, baking, puzzles, home projects, book discussions, arts and crafts, jam sessions, dance and exercise workouts, yoga, barbecue, cookout, front porch picnics, and more.

• Check in with your loved ones and talk with your children about their thoughts and feelings. For younger children, follow their lead. Be honest and use appropriate talk. Limit child viewing of daily news broadcasts. For older children, be honest and have age appropriate discussions. Validate their concerns while providing reassurance and understanding for their feelings.

• Maintain routines as much as possible. Young children especially will need structure that replicates a school week. Make time for snacks and movement breaks.

• Give daily, positive affirmations and encourage family members. This might be as simple as saying, “Wow, you are doing great at sharing the game with your sister.”

• Set boundaries. Give yourself permission for some quiet time/space during the course of the day.

• Encourage family chores that are age-appropriate for everyone in the family.

• Set intentions and realistic expectations for yourself. One way to do that is to write down what you intend to accomplish for the day.

– Episcopal Center for Children,

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