We met Skinny Hightower in Aug. 2019 when he released his album “Retrospect.” Back then, he was riding high off his chart-topping smooth jazz sound; he was figuring his next move.

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This year, he’s back again with his latest project, “Blue Moon.” You can pre-order now on various platforms, but the album officially goes on sale March 27.

Hightower recorded over 100 songs to get the songlist for “Blue Moon” just right. To spur anticipation for the coming album, he released the single “Bittersweet,” which has risen comfortably to No. 6 on Billboards Smooth Jazz Charts.

On his personal blog at skinnyhightower.com, Hightower explained his personal struggles through making the new music: “I want Blue Moon to do for others what [my wife’s inspirational] record collection did for me. It brought me joy, gave me hope, gave me a sense of purpose, realigned me with my destiny, cured me of my depression, brought my family closer together, and inspired positive changes in my life. I hope the music moves you.”

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