Liquor stores and drinking establishments across Kansas are being permitted to sell curbside as the state fights the spread of coronavirus.

State Alcoholic Beverage Control Director Debbi Beavers said in a news release that many in the industry have expressed concern about the virus and its effect on businesses, including potential closures due to social distancing requirements. 

Beavers said that during the duration of this temporary policy only, “the payment and the delivery of the alcoholic liquor may occur on or off of the licensed premises” and are subject to specific guidelines.

  • Sales to underage people, sales below cost and similar provisions are still strictly enforced
  • Drinking establishments and class A clubs, class B clubs may sell bottles of beer or wine curbside. It needs to be opened on the premises and properly sealed. It does not need to be partially consumed on the licensed premises. 
  • Licensee shall designate specific “to-go” parking stalls or similar locations, which must be located within a 50-foot radius to the entrance of the licensed premises. Sales outside the radius are prohibited. 

The policy will continue until further notice. It includes retail liquor stores, drinking establishments, class A clubs, class B clubs, farm wineries, microbreweries and producers.

Residents are reminded to not drink and drive or drive with an open container of alcohol.

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