Chris and Caela have been together for 21 years, married 16 years.

Who talked to who first? He did.

Who said “I love you” first? He did.

Did you go to the same school? Yes, middle school and high school. He was an extreme athlete; track, basketball and football and I a cheerleader He was actually my first kiss!! Twenty six years later and previously failed marriages, he actually proposed in the end zone of our kids’ junior league football game asking, “ So do you want to be my cheerleader for life?”

Where do you go the most as a couple? Chris said “to sleep”… lol … seriously we enjoy going to the movies and we both love to dance!

Who is more social? Chris: She is definitely the social butterfly; there aren’t many people she doesn’t know. She often says getting to know people is a beautiful process.

Who is the neat-freak? Chris: We both are… Calea: Even though his side of the closet is neatly organized by color and HE has a shoe room!

Who is the most stubborn? Calea’s the most stubborn but flexible at the same time.

Who wakes up earlier? Caela has to be at work earlier.

Where was your first date? To a movie to see “Cast Away.”

What is your secret to making marriage work? Communication is the key and mak-ing sure to really listen to each other.

How did you figure out the household chores? Caela takes care of the inside except for the dishes and the laundry which Chris does and EVERYTHING outside.

What have you learned to appreciate about your spouse that you did not know when you were first married? Chris: How phenomenal she is. Caela: How extremely kindhearted he is.

What aspect of marriage were you most pleasantly surprised by? How good the good times can really be!

What do you think is the most challenging part of being married? Making time for special moments.

What has been the greatest obstacle you have faced over the years? Being parents again! We are raising two of our grandchildren.

What’s one thing that your spouse does that makes you feel glad you married years ago? Chris: She makes me feel good about myself and continues to motivate me to be the man that I am. Caela: He’s very compassionate and I love the reverence that shows me every day.

What key piece of advice would you have liked before marrying? Always put God first.

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