ESPN named the company’s first female national NFL Insider in August 2015 – Josina Anderson, 41.  She is their top NFL reporter, and she may be in the market for a new network. Her contract with ESPN is set to expire in the summer, and reportedly, it is typical for the network to renew contracts well in advance.

No decisions have been made, but for Anderson, her options looks very good. She recently scored a hot interview with NFL’s latest bad-boy, Antonio Brown – in which she allowed the exiled football player to tell his story of being away from the game for 138 days.

In the interview, she asked questions to prompt Browns explanation to some of his choices. At moments he was vague, but she dug further and without complications – they delivered a successful interview.

Anderson confronted Brown on his behaviors; asking if there was anything that he could have done better to render a more favorable outcome for all involved, – to that he responded, “I’m working to express myself in a positive way, when things are not so positive.”

Like the interview she just produced on Super Bowl Sunday, Anderson has close connections with some of the NFL’s biggest stars, and she frequently provides scoops about them. While ESPN will continue to be at the top for reporting sports, losing Anderson would be a big blow. 

Check out her interview with Antonio Brown below.

YouTube video

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