When you think of the Super Bowl, do you think of Black faces in leadership?

Probably not, but that’s what this year’s game is bringing us. For the first time in NFL’s 100-year history, all three city governments represented in Super Bowl LIV are led by African Americans.

Mayor Oliver Gilbert represents the host city – Miami Gardens; Mayor Quinton Lucas represents KC, and Mayor London Breed represents San Francisco.

Mayors Lucas and Breed represent some of the largest cities in the United States – Breed in San Francisco comes in at 15 and Lucas in Kansas City comes in at 37 on the list. Gilbert represents one of the largest Black-run cities in the United States.

In an interview with The Miami Times, both Mayors – Gilbert and Lucas shared the sentiment, that the current state of Black representation is good for America.

“It’s significant not just because we are three Black mayors, but also because of the diversity of the cities that we represent,” said Mayor Gilbert. “Miami Gardens, Kansas City and San Francisco are very different cities and require distinct types of engagement and leadership. Our collective representation illustrates the vastness and diversity of Black leadership in America.”

This is an exciting time for American sport and leadership. Though minority presidential candidates have dwindled, Mayor Lucas is positive that American cities are moving in a good direction.

All three mayors have committed to bringing growth to their cities in similar points of interest; housing, economic development, and cleaning up the city streets seem to be at the forefront of their political campaigns.

Mayor Lucas is excited to set the bet with San Francisco mayor, Breed. After waiting 50 years, he understands, like many of us that the Chiefs are bringing talent to Miami; lead by Patrick Mahomes – they are ready to bring home the championship.

“I think it’s brought some excitement to Kansas City, which is a very important step for us. I think the other thing it has done though is it has made everyone stand a little bit taller. If you are from a Midwestern town like this people don’t talk about us all the time,” said Lucas.

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