A network of Kansas newspaper, in conjunction with USA Today Network are embarking on a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment in 2020.  A major component of the plan is to highlight 10 American women from each state and the District of Columbia who have made a significant difference in our world as Women of the Century. 

While every woman worthy of being celebrated won’t make our lists, we are committed to having a strong selection that is powerful, thoughtful, inspiring, DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE. Towards that end, we are reaching out to our readers for their input.  We’re looking for women from such areas as Arts & Literature, Business, Civil Rights, Education, Entertainment, Law, Media, Nonprofits & Philanthropy, Politics, Science & Medicine and Sports

Who do you think should make the list?  You can comment here, on our social media or submit a name using this link

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