Our Kansas Legislature will reconvene on Jan. 13 and we are officially in session for 90 days. During that time we will address school funding, taxes, foster care issues, the State budget and of course Medicaid Expansion along with many other important issues.

I will personally introduce or co-sponsor several bills and resolutions at the request of individuals or organizations from the 29th Senate District that will untimely benefit the entire State of Kansas.

1) I have pre-filed a bill known as the ‘Crown Act” Senate Bill-250 to amend the Kansas Act against discrimination to include traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and hairstyles. It’s unfortunate that some people of color are terminated from their place of employment and excluded from school activities because of the style and texture of their hair and I believe that we must rectify this injustice.

2) I will also introduce another bill to further help those with suspended or revoked driver’s licenses. I previously helped to pass a law that allows an individual with a suspended license to apply for a restricted license to drive to work, school and doctor appointments while making payments on their fines. In 2019, we passed a law allowing traffic courts to wave some fees for unpaid traffic citations, for those with financial hardships. However, there are still thousands of Kansans without driving privileges for a variety of reasons and some of them have encountered other barriers making it harder for them to get their driver’s licenses, even though they have paid all their fines. Therefore, I’m working on a bill with the Wichita Racial Profiling Task Force and other groups to address this statewide issue. I also believe this new law would be a “Win “Win” for everyone, the courts would collect revenue and all Kansans would be able to drive legally.

3) I will also re-introduce Senate Bill-215, a carry-over bill regarding Domestic Violence to amend our child endangerment law to include domestic battery in the presence of a child.

4) In honor of Royale Spenser, the 9-year-old boy who was accidentally killed by his friend with a hand gun, due to an unsecured gun lock-box. I will introduce an act or a resolutionfor the safe storage of firearms.

5) We have all heard about foster care children who are awaiting placement sitting in offices during the day, instead of in a classroom. What we have found, is that if a child is placed in a foster home outside of their original school district, it’s difficult to enroll them in school from the new residence. So, I’m working on a bill that will allow the address of DCF, KVC or St. Francis to be used as a foster child’s address for school attendance.

6) I also plan to introduce a Payday Loan Bill on behalf of a Statewide Coalition of Ministers.

Please feel free to contact me or my assistant during the 2020 Session at 785-296-7387. Oletha.Faust-Goudeau@senate.ks.gov or Trudy.Kelly@senate.ks.gov.

I’m honored to serve the people of the 29th, District.

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