The Kansas Legislature convenes for its 2020 90-day legislative session on  Jan. 13, with a big agenda of issues to work on. While a lot of the issues the Legislature handles have little impact on our readers, a lot of them do. The Legislature sets state taxes, handles our foster care system, establishes the punishment for crimes including the judicial system, controls our state prisons, funds our public schools and state colleges, and approves and administers programs for those who are unable to provide adequately for themselves. If you or anyone you love falls into either of those categories, pay attention.

With a Democrat as governor and Kansas lagging behind many changes being implemented in other states, this might be a year Kansans see some real change. Some items up for consideration, Medicaid expansion, legalization of medical marijuana and revisions to some of the state’s onerous and outdated criminal statutes, policies, and practices.

As they head back for the fight, three of our eight Black elected officials share with you the issues they’re gearing up to fight for.