Malia and Sasha Obama grew up in the spotlight, but thanks to their parents the young girls learned to handle it with grace. They were seven (Sasha) and 10 (Malia) when they moved into the White House and as they traversed the difficult teenage years, the two made few if any missteps that caused anyone to question their “upbringing.”

“They are (were, Malia is now 21) the most recognized teenagers in the world, trying to be out in the world like regular kids,” said Michelle during a recent interview. “And that’s hard when you’re a child, and every day people are watching you, and you know that. There’s no time to just be … to blend in and have fun and make mistakes or smoke your first cigarette or have your first kiss or have a boyfriend.”

However, with two very wise parents, and a grandmother in the house, the two girls remained on the right path.

“I try to remind them that even the toughest parts of this have value,” Mrs. Obama said. “I first learned this truth from my own mother, who made sure my brother and I had plenty of space to speak our minds, make mistakes, and follow our passions, wherever they might lead. I try to do the same with Sasha and Malia, honoring the unique flame each of them has inside.”


Malia is now 21 and in her third year at Harvard. There’s no indication what she’s majoring in, but she appears to have an interest in pursuing a creative path. In 2014, Malia served as a production assistant on the CBS sci-fi drama “Extant” before going on to score an internship on the set of Lena Dunham’s HBO hit “Girls” in 2015. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Malia continued her journey into the entertainment industry in January 2017 when she secured an internship with The Weinstein Company, working at the now-disgraced company for months before beginning classes at Harvard.

Although relationships come and go, the last report had Malia still dating Rory Forquharson, who is also a student at Harvard. He’s British, attended a private boarding school and may possibly be planning on following in his father Charles’ footsetps. Rory’s dad obtained a law degree from Cambridge University and is now a chief executive at an investment firm in London.

Since he started dating Malia, he’s deleted his social media accounts. They both have been spotted smoking.


Graduated from the Sidwell Friends school in May and has headed off to college. Beyond official photographs, America only had a few peeks into her teenage life. We knew she had grown up when we saw her in a slinky red gown at her Sweet 16 Party and we also got a glimpse of her and a date heading to prom.

While the Obamas tried to keep her college choice a secret, by all indications, she’s just completed her first year at the University of Michigan. No reports of a boyfriend, yet. But her time to explore and grow is just beginning.

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