A new 24-hour cable news channel aimed at an African American audience has once again delayed its launch – this time until Black History Month.

The Black News Channel, a new venture co-founded by former Republican Congressman JC Watts, was originally scheduled to go on the air on November 15.

The network then announced that it pushed back its launch date to January 6.

But now the channel is expected to be beamed into 70 million homes across the country starting on February 10.

 ‘Black History Month is an appropriate time to launch the Black News Channel,’ Bob Brillante, co-founder and CEO for BNC, announced in a press release last week.

‘We are committed to make sure that when our viewers tune in they are witness to a quality viewing experience.’

The Black News Channel was originally scheduled to go on the air in November, but it has twice changed its launch date

BNC said it wanted to wait with its premiere so that it could reach a wider and younger audience that gets its news from digital platforms including live streaming and mobile apps.

In announcing the first delay back in November, Watts told USA Today that the network wanted to attract millennial viewers, 98 per cent of whom have cell phones.

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