We’ve put our collective heads together and we can’t barely remember when there was even one, let alone more than one, African-American on-air TV personality in the Wichita market – and we’ve looked back at least 20 years. So last year, when The Community Voice surveyed news stations around Kansas and Kansas City, we found the Kansas City market overflowing with African-American on-air personalities, while Wichita had just one weekend anchor, who has since moved on.

What a difference a year – slightly more – can make. This year, Wichita newscasts are colorful. There are now eight Black newscasters in the Wichita market, and seven are millennials.

This year, Wichita welcomed back long-time morning news anchor Felicia Rolfe. A Wichita native, Felicia and her husband returned home this summer. There’s another native Wichitan in the mix, sportscaster Braxton Jones.

Not featured in this article, but deserving recognition is Mayo Davison; she’s actually considered a digital reporter, but has recently been getting considerable airtime with her What’s Hot on KWCH segments.

Finally, hats off to KSN 3 and KWCH 12 for stepping up their diversity efforts, but we have to wonder what’s up with KAKE 10? They’re MIA in this report.