Okay, you’ve made it to this point and, accomplished a few goals.

Now, how do you go further and do more with your life? The possibilities are limitless, but only if ….

The next phase of your life is just around the corner, and you can either plan for it or wing it. Some of your friends may have every step of their life mapped out – here by age XX and there in another XX years. Then there’s the group just living day-to-day, taking things as they come. Those individuals are living by the age old adage – if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

No matter which category you fit in, hopefully your long-term aspirations have you aspiring to do more with your life. However, you may not know just what, or how to accomplish this goal. Here’s something you should know – current research shows some kind of post-secondary education/training is by far the easiest path to make sure you move up in life.

That’s why we present to you, “Higher Education: A Broader Range of Possibilities.” There are a broad range of possibilities for continuing your education beyond a high school diploma. What works best for you is for you to decide but, in today’s increasingly technical world, some type of training is almost essential.

“Back in the day” a popular slur was, “he won’t ever be anything more than a ditch digger.” The thought was this person would never amount to much because they had little training and few skills. Well, I’m here to tell you, even ditch diggers need training now. Ditch diggers must know the best shovel to choose for the soil conditions and how to dig with “ergonomic” correctness so as to minimize their injuries and time off work. Besides, very little ditch digging is done with a shovel shovel anymore. Most ditch digging is done with a back hoe, and back hoe operators need training.

What we’re saying is:

IF… you’re going to amount to anything in life, get ready for continuing/higher education, just make sure you come up with a plan, for  the question, Where are you heading?

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