Eddie Legacy, better known as the Photo Pharaoh, is South Central Kansas’ “go-to” urban photographer.

Born in Wichita but raised in Atlanta, Eddie Legacy, 28, was molded a little differently than most photographers in our region. He grew up facing many obstacles that would break others, but for him those obstacles created an artistic machine.

After a short stint in college, a life of creativity chose him.

The Legacy brand is a name inspired by the memory of his grandfather, and it later translated into what he wanted to do for his clients – capture their legacies.

Eddie has been capturing and solidifying the legacies of his subjects for the past 10 years, but within the last three he’s been able to hone his craft to complete some truly amazing works of art.

A photo session with him has become known as the Eddie Legacy Experience. Subjects and fans alike have come to expect the unexpected, but they are guaranteed to be wowed with visual brilliance.

Legacy said, “I wanted to provide a platform where regular people could come and feel good about themselves and build their self-confidence. I want them to feel good and look good, then I take it upon myself to capture them in angles and in different ways that they’ve never seen themselves.”

It all starts with a thought. The creative process takes root as an idea before the masterpiece comes to life. He will then plan the photo extravaganza by scouting the perfect location for expression, and then comes the design of the set and props. Legacy doesn’t stop there – he takes full creative control over every aspect of the process. Working with this artist, you’re in for a whole style makeover. Legacy has even been known to design the clothing that his models wear.

He’s gained a loyal fan-following and on any given day of the week his followers’ check-in hoping he’s released new work.

The Legacy buzz really took off with his Yarn Project. The project of nearly a dozen posts, all have his models creatively and alluringly wrapped in bright yarn. His Sunflower Series transports us sometimes dramatically, and at other times whimsically, into a field of Kansas sunflowers.

His photography manages to allow each of his models, young and old alike, to shine brightly without diminishing anyone else in the group.

His work is sleek and it is edgy. His angles and slants capture his models’ regalness, and there’s no question about the Photo Pharaoh’s regality, since he is at the top of his game, leading the urban photography industry here in Kansas.

The Photo Pharaoh is very spiritually motivated. His work is about spreading God’s love and showing the people the beauty that lays within. His overall goal is to help uplift others.

Even with the reality that following your dreams can be tough, he said, “The thing that keeps me going is the fact that it’s not just me anymore. I’m doing this for the people. This is my work of God – preaching through imagery. Also through experience, because I come with the fruitful wisdom that I’ve accumulated at a young age.”

To stay updated, follow him on Instagram @THEPHOTOPHARAOH, Facebook @Eddie Legacy, or Snapchat @LEGVCY.

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