This robust three-day conference, Oct. 7-9 in KC, will be full of interactive workshops centered around the fusion of business, mental health and arts.

Patricia Deegan, Ph.D., did a research study asking people what helped them through emotional struggles. It turned out that most people talked about activities they did and people that gave them meaning in life, rather than medications they took. Dr. Deegan coined the term “personal medicine” and the sponsors of the Health Futurism Conference are big supports of the idea of personal medicine as one of the best paths to healing.

The things that give you personal power – arts, poetry, physical activities, sports – can help others heal, especially when the activities are packaged with peer interaction that allows patient-led and community-led healing. It’s Deegan’s model, a unique approach to healing, that’s working. In addition, this conference will discuss how to turn these healing efforts into scalable business models. Why not make money? Doctors certainly are.

This is the premise behind the Health Futurism Conference, which will be held Oct. 7 – 9 at the Kaufman Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road, KCMO. Opening activities and registration begin at 3 p.m. Oct. 7. and the conference concludes 1 p.m. Oct. 9. This is the second year for this conference sponsored by Poetry for Personal Power

This will be a robust conference full of interactive workshops centered around the fusion of business, mental health, and arts. Some of the topics to be explored are:

• How do we address the lack of minority representation within healthcare?

• How can artist/advocates sustainable create/innovate?

• How do artist/advocates collaborate with the traditional medical sector?

• What are possible funding mechanisms for patient-led innovations?

• How do we scale up these business models?

• What are other non-traditional routes for treatment of various medical conditions?

• What groups exist that help with my specific issue, or how can I start one?

The conference keynote speaker is Dre Taylor, founder of the program Man to Men and the Niles Valley Aquaphoics, 1000,000 Pound Food Project. Through his program, Taylor helps heal young boys from the community. His goal is to raise strong conscious productive young men by working with youth ages 7-18 around the focus issues of health, economics, respect, discipline, community service and academics.

The conference will also include a Health Futurism Slam on Tues. Oct 8, from 8 – 11 p.m. at Equal Minded Café, 4327 Troost Ave, KCMO. Registration for the conference is $350 and includes all workshops and meals. A special one-day registration for the main conference day, Oct. 8, is $125. To register, go to Click on events.

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