The Wichita Police Department sent out a survey link today to test the community’s awareness of their Save-A-Casing program.  We’d never heard of it, so you can guess what our response was. 

Consider taking the voluntary anonymous survey.   Below is a link to the survey and a belief explanation of what the program is all about.

What is Operation Save-A-Casing?

Operation Save-A-Casing is a partnership with law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level and the community to combat firearm-related crime.

The campaign works by submitting two firearm casings to a Wichita Police Department Officer after a gun theft has occurred. These casings are then submitted into National Integrated Ballistic Information Network known as NIBIN. NIBIN is a national database containing digital images of spent bullets and cartridge casings that were found at crime scenes or test-fired from confiscated firearms. This database can be searched for possible matches and if a “hit” occurs, the NIBIN lab sends that information to WPD investigators.

A “hit” is a match between the submitted casing and the NIBIN database. These matches are compared against specific “tool marks” which are microscopic etchings made by the firearm manufacturer. These markings get transferred on to the casing when the gun is fired.

When your gun is stolen, you will provide two casings that were fired from the firearm that you are reporting stolen. Place those casings in an envelope, and write the serial number, make and model of your firearm on the outside. Then hand that envelope to the officer taking your report.

The shell casing can confirm the identity of the firearm. If the information and bullet casing are submitted to the NIBIN system after a weapon is stolen, WPD will be able to return the firearm to its owner.

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