Past honorees of the Lift Her Up Movement in the Kansas City area gathered for a brunch, networking and some uplifting late last month.

In an era where women are still striving for equality, the Lift her Up Movement encourages women to help support each other as a way for women to advance. The motto of the three-year old movement is: “When you win, I win. When I win, you win. We are in this together. Lifting each other up is what we do.”

Each year since its inception, (2017, 2018, & 2019) the Movement has honored a group of ladies who are then encouraged to be ambassadors and commissioned to become “experts” at lifting, encouraging, and supporting one another.

At the brunch, held July 27, the honorees/ambassadors were able to get to know one another on a more intimate level, and to network and support each other in business and beyond.

“They created an atmosphere that was full of love, hugs and inspiration as they shared their stories through very transparent lens, looking for creative ways to ensure the movement reaches thousands,” wrote Gwendolyn Squire, a reporter for the Movement.

Many of the Lift Her Up honorees credit supporting other women and celebrating their successes as key to making them more successful, because it encourages other to do the same for them.

LaShawn Walker, founder of the Lift Her Up Movement, is pleased to see women supporting other women and reinforcing their voices, as well as championing their efforts and abilities.

“If someone has done an amazing job, they tell them and celebrate them in the presence of others,” Walker says.

The next Lift Her Up Movement event is planned for March 2020. For interim updates, the movement can be followed on Facebook –

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