The Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program is celebrating its first anniversary with a robust log that shows 829 complaints filed by tenants frustrated about living conditions at their rental homes.

On Aug. 7, 2018, Kansas City voters passed the Healthy Homes initiative with 57% of the vote. It authorized the Kansas City, Mo., Health Department to inspect and regulate rental properties to ensure they meet minimum health and safety standards.

Water and wastewater issues were the most common complaints, with 353 reports filed, followed closely by 324 mold and ventilation complaints. Pest problems were the third most common complaint type, with 191 reports filed.

Once a complaint is filed, Healthy Homes inspectors set up an appointment with the tenant to determine if the complaint is a health or safety violation. If it is, inspectors then direct the property owner or manager to correct the violation. A case is closed when the tenant confirms the problem is fixed and when the property manager provides picture documentation.

The steady stream of activity has resulted in an expanded program requiring more staff to handle the complaints. Healthy Homes received 44 complaints in September 2018, the month it launched. In July 2019, renters filed 135 complaints reports.

Tenants wishing to file a complaint may call the city’s Action Center (3-1-1), complete an online form on the city’s 3-1-1 webpage, call the Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program (816-513-6347) or walk into the program’s office location at 2400 Troost Ave., Suite 3600.

Individuals can find more information on the Healthy Homes Rental Inspection Program at

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