Skinny Hightower and his newest album, “Retrospect,” has been lighting up the smooth jazz charts. Released in 2018, the first single from the album, “One Way Street” peaked at No. 3 on the Smooth Jazz charts in October. A second single released this year, “Sample That,” has already peaked at No. 7 on the charts.

The album grooves with saucy rhythm, while the bass and drums keep you dancing. It is filled with jazzy optimism, tied into rhythmic baselines. This album is Skinny Hightower’s best yet.

Joining Skinny on the album is a group of talented local artists: Bongo Bobby Thomas, Jalen White, DJ Breathett, and Brett Johnson. Brett Johnson in particular shines in his guitar solo for the song “California Dreams.” Bongo Bobby Thomas does his thing in the nearly self-titled, “Bongo’s Groove.”

As if this album “Retrospect” needed new spice to take it over the top, the featured singer on the album, Bebe Merrills does just that on the song “Next to You.” Her sultry voice elevates the track-list with her surprising guest appearance.

“Retrospect” is a great album and in truth – every song deserves a nod from Billboard. Skinny Hightower has had one No. 1 hit, and three Top 10 songs. Two of those jams have come from his newest album alone. “From the Heart” is not just a song, it is also a reflection of what these artists bring to their music.

From his second album, “Emotions,” Skinny also produced two Top 10 songs. It seems this artist has a knack for producing hot music. As Kansas natives and settlers alike, let’s listen to what our community has nurtured. Truly, this music is a gift to behold.

“Retrospect” is an album that ushers many feelings of nostalgia, while keeping to a new age feel – “People Make the World Go ’Round,” for example. Skinny Hightower has years of experience and a broad range of musical talent. In addition to his newest album, check out his previous works as well on iTunes and other music platforms.

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