If elected mayor, what are the top three things that you will do that you believe will have the most positive impact on Wichita’s African-American community? 

1. My main focus is our city’s water, because water is a precious resource and it is fundamental for human life. There is no reason that we should ever face a point in time that we could possibly lose something that is so basic for human life. My first efforts are going to be making sure that we have contingencies and solutions in place for these areas that are failing now, before a new plant is built.

2. My second priority is making government accessible in the year 2020. That means voting on our phones, it means being transparent, and we’ll do it with a Wichita Wifi network. This network will help parents unable to access at home educational programs for their children, it will help with job searching vs trips to the library, and it also will help make day to day life more efficient for all of us Wichitans.

3. Families being together in a productive and supportive environment has noticeable benefits. As an HVAC Mechanic, I understand the importance of the structure of the home and the systems inside it. I want to explore a relationship with government and the homes citizens are subjected to, adequate protection from outside elements is something all citizens need access to. More discussion needs to be had concerning Wichita’s homes, their owners, the contractors and government’s responsibility.

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