If elected mayor, what are the top three things that you will do that you believe will have the most positive impact on Wichita’s African-American community?

1.    I would reinforce programs and initiatives that market training, in the areas of computers, jobs, and overall retraining and I would form and deeper partnership with WSU Tech. 

•Hiring instructors that have urban appeal and technical background and expertise in the area/fields that they are teaching.

•Teaching them on taxes and small business training. The city could contribute dollars to assist in that effort.

•Having a city/county economic development department that truly cares. Thus this individual would promote city incentives and things that assist minorities and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. 

This would help to build up African American neighborhoods. If we encourage them to take control of their neighborhoods.

2.    Fixing/ overhauling our Transportation system. –so people can have open access to work and to healthcare. Therefore fixing our busing system is key.

•I was to the first Candidate (Oct. 2015) to advocate to use city reserve monies to get a pilot program on Sundays that would allow people that work , attend church that rely on public transit day in and day out. This would increase city revenue if people could access our shops and stores and perhaps encourage some local business to be open on Sundays. I see this a win for riders and a win for business and in turn a win for our city. 

•Increasing The Q Line services. 

Health/Public Safety

3.    Wichita has one of the highest crime rates. I would lead various task forces and take more proactive approaches rather than reaction like our current Mayor has taken.

We must connect with the community, understand the needs and actively learn the individual needs because all area will require the same support systems or guidance for their city leaders and or private sector partners.

By coming up with solutions before these issues spiral out of control. I would put more funding into counseling and promote more doctors and specialists to come to Wichita.  I am a proponent of having a counseling in public libraries and in the line item budget of city personnel. 

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