If elected mayor, what are the top three things that you will do that you believe will have the most positive impact on Wichita’s African-American community?

First, public utilities should not be able to trump cities when installing power poles and other infrastructure related to that utility. When elected, I will advocate for the change needed in state law by placing it on the city’s legislative agenda and supporting our legislators in making that change. Public utilities cannot deface our neighborhoods unchecked and as Mayor, I will fight back.

Secondly, I would prioritize our neighborhood resources and services equally with downtown development. My experience in the Kansas Legislature during the Brownback years makes me uniquely qualified to find money to fund services, even in the worst of times. Many people rely on neighborhood pools and libraries and it is not feasible to shuttle everyone downtown. I know we can save money in our budget so we can build momentum in all areas of our City.

Lastly, I am committed to equipping our police force with plainclothes social workers to help de-escalate situations of mental health crisis and domestic violence. Our police officers are stretched thin and not adequately trained to deal with these situations. When they race from one crisis situation to the next, there is no time to build trust in the communities they serve. We’ve had too many tragic and unnecessary deaths and it’s time for a change.

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