Zagster, the company that provides bikes for Bike Share ICT, obtained city permission to deploy as many as 500 e-scooters in Wichita.

Later this month two other companies – VeoRide and Slidr will deploy their own fleet of scooters within the city. VeoRide wants to add 500 scooters; Slidr is expected to deploy about 150.

The scooters which are powered by Spin, have been a huge hit with Wichita residents. You can cruise through downtown on any given afternoon and spot riders throughout the area. The movement began last year when interim city council member Becky Tuttle led the campaign for Bike Share ICT.

If you want to rent a scooter, here’s how it works:

First you’ll need a smart phone and a credit or debit card. If you don’t have both, you’re out of luck.

Next, download the Spin app.

When you’re set up as a renter, and you’re ready to rent, check your app to help you find the nearest scooter.

You then scan the QR Code on the scooter and once scanned, the scooter will be unlocked and you’re on your way.

The rental rate: It costs $1 to unlock the scooter plus $.15 per minute. That’s a total of $5.50 for 30 minutes.

When you’re finished with the scooter, you must return it to a designated Spin scooter location and notify the company via the app that you’re finished with your rent by pushing “end trip.”

In Wichita, you must be 18 years or older and a have a valid driver’s license to rent a scooter. In addition, riding scooters on sidewalks is prohibited. Use a bike lane when you can, and by all means follow all street signs, signals, and markings, and obey local traffic laws.

Currently, Spin does not have a low-income program that will allow access to scooters without having a credit card or smartphone although they offer those programs in other city. Keep watching, the low-income program may be available in Wichita in the future.

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