Dominique Anderson and Raevon Bailey were married on Nov. 1, 2018, with the scenic Monument Rock as their backdrop.

The wedding was officiated by Brittany Pusch-Zuniga and included only the mother of the bride TaushaTate and best man Gail Tate.

The couple met as neighbors at age 9 and have spent a lot of time together during the years.

The Proposal: It came unexpectedly but we were just talking on the phone and he mentioned it. Originally, I thought he was joking because of how soon it was. Eventually, he made it known that he wasn’t joking and I said yes.

The Wedding: It was a disaster at first, because nothing was going right. However, it all fell apart to fall together into the most magical day of my life.

The Red Dress. (excerpt from BriJoRae’ Productions) “When I first mentioned the red dress to Raevon, she hesitated, having an idea in her mind of what statement a “red dress” would make. That darn scarlet letter was about to be the death of a brilliant idea before it had even been birthed.

Because it has become common to see a woman in a red dress and instantly pass judgment on who and what she is, I felt the need to share with Raevon the truth I saw in that red dress. Sex appeal should not be shameful. Raevon’s truth (flaws and all): she is beautiful. She is daring because she is confident. Defiant because she refuses to give up regardless of how the world may try to keep her down. That mindset breeds strength to stand. And her outspokenness is courage to say what most people are thinking but where they choose to hide, she chooses to fight.”