Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly pledged the composition of her cabinet would reflect the diversity of the state and she has finally come through with the appointment of DeAngela Burns-Wallace, PhD, as her choice to lead the Kansas Department of Administration. Burns-Wallace currently is the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Kansas.

In March, Kelly announced her selection of Shawnee Co. Sheriff Herman Jones as Supt. of the Kansas Highway Patrol.

With two out of 14 cabinet positions, Kelly’s cabinet is 14% Black in a state that’s 6% Black.

Kelly also appointed former KS Representative (D-Wichita) Delia Garcia, who is Hispanic, as Secretary of Labor. With three out of 14 cabinet positions filled by minorities, Kelly has a 21% minority cabinet in a state that has a population that’s approximately 22% minority.

In addition to appointing a diverse cabinet, Kelly was committed to appointing a strong, highly qualified cabinet. Both Burns-Wallace and Jones contribute to that end.

Burns-Wallace earned her BA in International Relations from Stanford University, her MPA in Public Policy & International Affairs from Princeton University and a doctorate in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania. Jones, has 40 years of law enforcement experience on the municipal, county and state level and has been a leader in law enforcement training and education.

Burns-Wallace becomes acting secretary on July 1. Her appointment must be confirmed by the Senate Oversight Committee and by the full Senate during the 2020 session.

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