A protest at the annual ‘ meeting for Evergy, Inc. the parent company of Westar is planned at 9 a.m. on Tues., May 7. at 4025 N. Toben in Wichita. The meeting begins at 10 a.m., so the earlier time will have protesters on site for the stockholders’ arrival.

Why protest?

According to organizers, the protest is being called in response to the installation of the large metal transmission lines in a residential area of Northeast Wichita. The protest is also being called in protest of a new demand charge on residential solar users.

Since the protest was called, Evergy reached an agreement to eliminate the demand charge for customers with existing solar installations. Westar customers with solar installations prior to October 1, 2018, and KCP&L customers with installations prior to December 20, 2018, will be grandfathered into the old rate and not subject to the mandatory demand charges.

We’re not sure that will satisfy all solar energy protestors, but the situation with the poles, still persist.

Toben is located off 37th St. N, between Rock and Webb.

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