Before you get started, write a wedding mission statement

Wait! Mission Statement, like in corporate America? Our mission is to …

Yes, with the same basic purpose, to help set an overall goal for your business, i.e. wedding. It’s an expression of the desires and intent of your wedding.

With your mission statement defined, a business proceeds to develop its strategic plan.

Before you get too far along in the process, sit down with your fiancé and write a mission statement, and refer back to it often as you work your way through the process. If that latest idea you saw on Pinterest doesn’t match up with your mission, then maybe it’s not worth pinning.

At minimum, sit down and write the top five objectives for your wedding. It might sound way out, but it’s a good way to get started when you really have no idea what you want.

Whether your wedding “mission statement” is to celebrate with your family and closest friends while minimizing environmental impact, or to host the social event of the year, consider the journal entry a virtual road map that will keep you on course as you wind your way through the planning process.

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