It’s the day before the election and you remember, even though you had good intentions, you failed to register to vote.  No problem.  At least that’s the case in 17 states plus the District of Columbia.  They offer same day voter registration (SDVR).

These are states that want to encourage in as many ways as legally possible, participation in the voting process. 

Since 2015, the Kansas Black Legislative Caucus has continued to be a strong voice for the passage of SDVR bill in Kansas.  We’ finally getting some action.  Both the Kansas House and Senate are considering the SDVR bills this year. 

The House Elections committee will hold a hearing on HB 2092 a Same Day Voters Registration bill on Tues., Feb. 19,  3:30 pm, in room 212-N of the Kansas Capitol.  The bill will be “worked” by the committee on Thurs., Feb. 21.

The Senate Ethics, Elections & Local Government Committee Meeting will hold a hearing on SB43, their version of the Same Dave Voters Registration bill on Tues., Feb. 19, 9:30 am, in Room 142-South of the Kansas Capitol. 

If you can attend the hearings, please do. It would be great to pack the room. 

Please also send an email or call the members of these committees and let them know you support this bill and that you think it’s important for the State to make voting as legally accessible as possible to Kansas voters. 


Each committee has less than 10 members, but if it’s too much for you to send an email to all of them, at minimum send an email of support to both committee chairs. 

There is strong evidence that same day and Election Day registration increases voter turnout, but the extent of the impact is difficult to conclude. Immediately following the implementation of SDR, states usually see a boost in voter numbers. Same day registration states also tend to outperform other states in terms of turnout percentages.

Studies reveal no conclusive evidence of whether SDVR shapes partisan outcomes or whether certain populations are more likely to benefit, but KBLC doesn’t care.  They just want to make voting as accessible as possible to all. 

Don’t know what to say in your email.  Here’s a quick statement that works. 

“I’m writing in support of the passage of Same Day Voter Registration in Kansas.  As a member of a legislative committee that will be conducting a hearing on a SDVR bill, I encourage you to keep in mind how important the right to vote is and to do all you can to help make it accessible legally to as many Kansans as we can.  Please cast your vote in support of the SDVR Bill in your committee. 

the SAFE Act, while still addressing the Secretary of State’s concern about ‘voter fraud,’” said Bonita Gooch, president of the Kansas Black Leadership Council. 

SB 43 Same Day Voter Registration Bill Hearing     

Senate Ethics, Elections & Local Government Committee Meeting @ 9:30 am in Room 142-South

 Committee Chair  Sen. Elaine Bowers  Concordia 785-296-7389

Vice Chair Sen. Randall Hardy  Salina  785-296-7369

Ranking Minority Member  Kansas City  785-296-7376

Kevin Braun   Kansas City  785-296-7357

Jim Denning  Overland Park 785-296-2497

Oletha Faust-Goudeau  Wichita  (785)-296-7387

Carolyn McGinn Sedgwick  (785)-296-7377

John Skubal Overland Park (785)-296-7301

Susan Wagle Wichita  (785)-296-2419

HB 2092 Same Day Voters Registration Hearing

Tuesday, Feb. 19th in the Elections Committee at 3:30 pm, room 212-N.

Then the bill will be worked on Thursday Feb. 21st.

 The Chairman is Bill Sutton  Gardner  785 296-7676

Vice Chair Black Carpenter is  Derby  (785) 296-7567

And the Ranking Democrat is Brett Parker  Overland Park 785 296-5413

Representative Francis Awerkamp St. Marys  (785) 296-6989

Lonnie Clark Junction City  (785) 375-2428

Kenneth Collins  Mulberry  (785) 296-7698

Willie Dove  Bonner Springs  (785) 296-7677

Tim Hodge  North Newton  (785) 295-2361

J.C. Moore  Clearwater  (785) 296-1177

Jarrod Ousley  Merriam  (785) 296-7366

Bill Rhiley  Wellington  785 296-7671

Paul Waggoner  Hutchinson  (785) 296-7196

Brandon Whipple  Wichita (785) 296-7366

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