With the absence of both the Juneteenth and Black Arts Festival parades, it has been a while since Wichitans have enjoyed the Dynamic Steppers.

Known for their high steps, their act always catches your attention.

The Dynamic Steppers of Wichita, Kansas were founded on June 6, 1986 by Mr. Robert David Wagner II and the late Mrs. Mable Ora Lee Penn-Moore. The purpose for forming this amazing marching unit was to give the young people in the inner city of Wichita an alternative from gangs, guns and violence. Since their establishment, they’ve reached over 3,000 youth from the City of Wichita, Derby, Topeka, Kansas City and Newton. The mission statement is “We are the Wichita Dynamic Steppers of Wichita, Kansas. We are a group of young individuals stepping for a cause”. Wagner says that his group is stepping against Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Gangs, Guns, Violence, Teen Pregnancy and Child Abuse.

Forming this team has allowed area young people the opportunity to travel to places they have never imagined. The Steppers have been to Mardi Gras, the Bud Billiken Back 2 School Parade in Chicago, the second largest Martin Luther King Parade and Competition in Tulsa where they’ve won the Grand Champion award several times. 

The Steppers were invited to President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., but weren’t able to attend due to the expense of getting there.

To date, the Steppers have performed in 36 states.

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